Biomass Farms

A company brochure from the farming conglomerate Biomass Farms

Myotech Technology

The company brief from an upstart mobile technology firm.

Fizz Cola

The happy-go-lucky mascot for the Fizz Cola company.

Synergistic Management Solutions Inc.

A privately-held consulting organization, specializing in corporate leadership skills, organizational design, software solutions and services, and market and competitive intelligence.

Leif Carbon Offset Solutions

Leif Carbon Offset Solutions has been a pioneer in carbon reduction strategies since 1991. The company started when Jane Burgess quit her job as a corporate lawyer to realize her dream of creating a small forest.

Company Dossiers

Ametros Learning

Ametros Learning delivers high impact, individualized learning that is scalable, affordable and allows for assessable and measurable soft skill development.

Their products operate, to an extent, like a virtual, narrative-based co-op and in order to increase the immersion; company briefs, design dossiers, websites, advertising material, and many other outward reaching documents were warranted to make the simulations feel truly authentic.