Project Process

Ideation and Sketching Phase

I provide a number of considered concepts and compositions for the illustration, while providing further rationale on a selection of the concepts that I suggest are most successful for the given project.

Concept Selection & Revision Phase

One concept is selected by the client and I produce a more detailed revision with any feedback they provide at this stage. Further revisions and back-and-forth are completed as needed.

Final Illustration & (Optional) Mockup Phase

Following the established revisions, we settle on a concept and I execute the final illustration. If at all possible, I like to include the final artwork in its context to help visualize the end result of our project.

(Note: In this particular project, we changed direction from Concept 6 to Concept 1 after further exploration and deliberation on what fit the project best)

Layout and Graphic Design

In this project I was offered the opportunity to design the layout and typography of the cover as well as the illustration. After 5 initial concepts we landed on this classic Film Noir-esque design.

Sociology: Compass for a New Social World

Nelson Education

In the Spring of 2020, Nelson Education Textbook Publishing came back to me for our third textbook together. This opportunity was especially exciting for me as I was offered both the cover illustration as well as the cover layout and graphic design. It's rare that I get to do both on one project, and it was a special treat to personally take the cover all the way from inception to completion.

Sociology has always been a compelling arena to explore illustrative solutions, with this text exploring contemporary issues such as: truth and reconciliation with Indigenous people, campus binge drinking culture, depression, anxiety, loneliness, mass shootings, cybercrime, racial moral panic, the dark web, Intel, the superelite, nationalism and nativist political movements, precarious employment, intersected and transgender people in sport, aging and virtual reality, the rise of populism, big data, fake news and post-truth, virtual reality, and companion robots.