Sustainable Spaces

Using the massive spacial real-estate that most malls occupy, we could re purpose the roofs and us-used portions to provide much needed agricultural and community spaces.

Changeable Construction

Most commercial and office buildings remain un-occupied and un-used for at least half of their lifetimes. Changing the way we use and move spaces to a modular system will allow the units to be "swapped out" when not in use, saving energy, construction, and waste.

Reclaiming the Underground

In a future that sees fewer and fewer sole ownership cars via car-sharing, self-driving vehicles, and better transit, we can take back the parking structure and lots to provide better uses in a cramped cityplace, leaving the topside open for leisure and more natural recreation.

Apartment Swapping

Similar to commercial and business sectors, the home is not always in use. Why not rent or swap the use of your own space in the time when you don't need it, providing places for classes, events, education and more?

The Retail Cloud

The traditional mall takes up a massive amount of space which, especially in the downtown, could be freed up for any number of more integral purposes. Raising our malls up and above could leave room for parks, nature, and pleasure spaces while keeping commercial spaces accessible.

Mall Experience

In the near-future, with the progress in autonomous drone operated delivery and accessible online shopping, the act of "going to the mall" seems redundant. Enter the mall as a space for "experience" based sales, as a place to test and try out the products you've seen for yourself, making sure they're perfect for you, and having them delivered to your doorstep before you even return home.

Disrupting the Distrupted

B+H Architects

In the fall of 2017, I was asked to help render some, rather far-out, but fantastic concepts that could very well be the future of mall architecture for the forward looking folks at B+H Architects. Originally we had 6 concepts to work from that were little more than post-it note stickies from some of the brilliant minds at B+H, though as the project progressed they liked a number of the visualizations I produced which landed the total at 8.

Urban landscapes and future concepts - I couldn't have asked for a project more up my alley than this.