Simulated Learning

Ametros Learning

I'm very pleased to have an ongoing relationship with the fine folks at Ametros Learning, animating over 140 (so far) short educational videos on topics of all shapes and disciplines. How to write reports, how to argue persuasively, how to make an infographic, how to market with social media... the list is quite robust.

Ametros handcrafts simulation-based learning courses that engages the students and applies learning in real-world scenarios. In the simulation, students join a fictitious company as junior associates/engineers/PR reps/etc; who accomplish projects, answer emails, report to a manager, and meet realistic deadlines all while learning course content and putting that content into practice. They interact with each other, with their prof (under the guise of management), and most interestingly with other characters in the company born of artificial intelligence.

Working with learning outcomes, syllabuses, and scripts co-created by the course professors and the knowledgeable team at Ametros, I then storyboard and animate all of the videos that the students use to learn the skills and theories they need to make it in these simulated work placements and by extension, in the post-grad world.

I'm very grateful to be a part of such an innovative idea put forth by exceptionally talented people that are improving the way the world communicates by transforming the way we teach and learn.