Chapter 1 - Sociology as a Life or Death Issue
Chapter 2 - Hip Hop from Caps to Bling
Chapter 3 - Suicide Bombers
Chapter 4 - Hurricane Katrina and the Myth of Natural Disasters
Chapter 5 - The Social Bases of Healthcare
Chapter 6 - Gender Risk
Chapter 7 - The Genocide of our First Nations in Canada
Chapter 8 - Sociology as a Vocation

Sociology as a Life or Death Issue

Nelson Education

In the fall of 2016, Nelson Education Textbook Publishing came back to me for our second textbook together. Still sociology but this time deeper topics and more challenging subject matter. I loved the difficulty of portraying topical issues all the while being careful not to offend either side (at least, not too much anyways).  I got to illustrate a whopping 8 chapter openers, as well as the cover of the text. Many thanks to AD Leanna MacLean, Editor Rachel Eagen, and author Bob Brym for the wonderful opportunity. It's always a pleasure with you folks.