The Timbits Resume™

You know it. You love it. It’s a resume filled with sugary treats guaranteed to put a smile on even the grumpiest of interviewers. The Timbits Box Resume ™ is my own personal creation to tip the scales in my favour at every job interview I’ve ever been to. Mixed success is for suckers. This little baby has never disappointed and has certainly landed me a few jobs that might have slipped by me otherwise.

Is it clever? I’d like to think so. Will it improve your potential boss’ mood? Most definitely. Is it bribery? Probably. But that’s the best part! You can not-so-casually incentivise your interviewer in a way that no $20 bill slipped in between your resume and cover letter ever could. After a long day of having the same conversation with a dozen identical candidates, a little sugar boost is exactly what they need. And all of a sudden, you went from “candidate 13” to “that awesome fellow/lass who brought me Timbits”. You’re now memorable. And that’s exactly what you want.

In addition to the “gift” you’re also showing that you’re creative and that you care about this interview. Any dunce with a home printer can write up the sum of their life in Word, slap a shiny resume template on it and print it out for the interview. But not you. You’re smarter than that. Taking the time to A) carefully design your life’s experience and fit it onto a tiny little box, B) to print out and build the darn thing, and C) to stop by your local Timmies and fill it with snacks; all shows that you’re prepared to go the extra mile. That you care enough about this interview and this company to put in that effort where no one else did. Secondly it shows initiative and critical thinking. Most people don’t see a problem with bringing a boring resume and tossing it over to the hiring party. And realistically there isn’t anything wrong with that. That’s all that’s expected of you. But you’ve taken the time to think about the status quo, and thought “how can I make this better?” The implication here is that you’ll bring that same level of creativeness and awareness to the job. And that’s exactly what they want.

Now enough talking about how awesome this job-winning snack vehicle is. Let me show you how to make one.

What You'll Need:

  1. 2 sheets of letter (8.5x11) cardstock.
  2. Design software, Microsoft Word, or something comparable.
  3. Your resume, ideally tailored to the job you’re applying for. Do your research!
  4. A home printer, your work printer (for the ethically ambiguous), or a favourite print shop.
  5. An exacto knife.
  6. Rubber cement or a similar strong glue.
  7. Timbits!
  8. Some wax paper (I usually just ask Timmies for some extra ones)
  9. (Optional) A winning smile. It can’t hurt your chances!


How You’ll Do It:

  • I started by Googling “Timbit Box Template”. There are a couple out there, but I’ll just plop one here for you to use as a guide/instructions.
  • From there I cut the template in half and scaled it to fit on two letter-sized sheets of paper. No sense having to go to the print shop to get an 11x17 sheet printed, right? Be frugal and self-sufficient when you can.
  • So now we have the two sides of our box that will fit together. Let’s fill them with your info. I put my work experience on one of the long sides and a short side, then my education and technical skills on the other long side and finally my contact info on the last short side. Additionally I decorated the lid flaps with my own personal branding which includes a sample of my illustration (don’t worry if you’re not an artist, just pick a nice font and do your name).
  • Now to do all this I used InDesign, which I use for all my graphic design work. You might not have access to this, it’s (overly) expensive I don’t blame you. Microsoft Word can still work. You can import the box template to a page, place it as big as you can, and send it “to the back”. I’ve had success using Text Boxes to organize my text where I want it on the template. Feel free to play with fonts and styles to get the look you'd like. If you're having trouble with this, look up some well designed resumes online and borrow from what they're doing.
  • Now’s the easy part. Just print your two newly-resumed pages out onto cardstock or another paper with a heavy weight so it’s sturdy enough. Then you take a sharp exacto knife, cut along the solid black lines, and fold along the red ones. (Note I’ve gotten rid of those lines on my finals, purely for aesthetics.) While you’re at it, I would also print out a normal resume (in the same font/style as your resume box!) for your employer’s files.
  • After everything’s all folded and cut, you simply glue along the flaps (I like to use rubber cement personally, as it’s a strong bond.) Then we let this bad boy dry overnight before your interview.
  • On your way to wow your prospective boss, stop by your local Tim Hortons or other bake shop that sells little sweets and pick up a 10 pack of Timbits. I’ve made the box a little smaller than a 10 pack box, so it fits on those letter sized pages, which means you’ll get a couple extra Timbits to munch on. Win/win am I right?
  • Make sure to ask for some extra wax paper from your cashier. The ones they use to pick out donuts for you. These we use to line the inside of your resume magnum opus so that the sugar from the Timbits doesn’t stain and eventually mold the paper. Think long-term, your interviewer might want to keep this thing because they think it’s cool. It’s happened before. Trust me.
  • Skip along to your prospective future place of employment, knowing full well that your chances of landing the job are approximately 57% higher thanks to your ingenuity, willingness to go above & beyond, and snack-appeal.

Here are some templates that I've drafted up in InDesign and Microsoft Word to make things easier for you. Feel free to add your own fonts, styles, images, and what-have-you to make it your own!

So there you have it. The job-winning resume with a hidden surprise. Go forth, get snacks, and get employed!